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We helped men and woman save time, financial loss, pain and an unfaithful partner by being able to test their loyalty.

1. Purchase our loyalty test service

It’s simple, click on the get started button to begin the process of loyalty testing your partner.

2. Enter some basic details about your partner​

Fill in the details, their social profiles and some relevant info for us to make the perfect opening messages.

3. Our experts will contact them to test their loyalty.

We will slide into their DM’s with the relevant info provided and make an impression to test their loyalty.

4. You get the full report.​

We screenshot and record everything so you an see if they are loyal or not.

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I found out my boyfriend didn’t feel the same way and was open to seeing other girls. We are not longer together saving me years of pain and hurt.

Alexandra A

Hire one of our testers to DM and flirt with your significant other!

No more stress, anxiety and worry. Now you find out how loyal they are before you get even more serious.

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